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Huge thanks goes out to the following:
  • Christy: Administrator of the EBC Forum and great friend.

  • Cynthia: Introduced me to the world of "Full Frontal" - thanks!

  • Dodo: Creator of "Troy" audio clips.

  • Mandi: Hostess of audio clips and other media files.

  • Mona: Magazine scanner and multimedia extraordinaire.

  • My brain: Thank you for allowing me to function adequately enough to update the site on a regular basis.

Thank you to all of the artists who submit their work for the desktop wallpaper, artwork, and manipulation sections. Thanks to everyone who send in news items and other tidbits that help keep the site up-to-date. Last but certainly not least, thank you to all the generous donors who help cover the web server costs - your financial help is greatly appreciated.

And of course, thank you to the great Mr. Eric Bana, for being so cool.

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