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If you have a question about Eric that is bugging you, please check this page out. Chances are that your questions and answers might be here! If your question is listed here, I may disregard the email. Thanks!

Hey Eric, you are so awesome! Email me back!
Unfortunately, I am definitely not Eric, just a fan. This is an unofficial website, also known as a fansite, so I do not have connections to Mr. Bana. I'm happy to see that there is a fanbase for Eric, but I feel terrible that none of these comments ever get to him this way!

How can I write to Eric?
Check out the Write to Eric page, as well as the Star Archive listings. Please remember that Eric is a busy person and respose may not be guaranteed. Good luck.

When and where is the premiere for [film name]? I'd like to go!
All of the latest information on premieres will be posted via the main page. Be sure to stay updated that way!

This page will be updated as time goes on.
If you would like to contact the site editor (not Eric), click here.

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