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Fan Reviews of "Munich" (2005)

The following reviews were written by visitors of this website.
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Reviewed by Jenny Kemp
1972 Munich Olympics

Yes, I have seen the movie, "Munich". There was hesitation on my part to see it right away as I was in Munich at the time -- competing for the US in swimming at the Olympics. This all rang close to my heart, not to mention it happened so close to me. But to see it stirred up some feelings that have not surfaced for over 30 years -- Spielberg did a tremendous job of re-enacting the events. The opening shot was not realistic, nor anything like the village, but in general the movie was incredible. It also stirred up the hatred that I have had for Black September conspirators. Hard to believe that Abu Daoud is still alive AND able to get a "prize" for his biography -- I'd like to have 10 minutes with him.

I'm not sure I would want to see it again, but I'm also glad that I have happy memories on top of this incident. I went back to Munich and the Olympic Village in 1984 and was surprised to see how run-down the village had become (it was turned over to the city for apartment dwellers) and how some of the beautiful venues had been "chopped" down to much smaller venues. My guess is that Spielberg didn't have much to work with when it came to "village" shots.

Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush, and the other actors did an incredible job on this movie -- VERY believable -- just a shame that all the terrorists weren't caught. I also had a chance to speak with several of the Israeli athletes in the village -- they were so polite and nice and funny! What brave men they were. It was a time that I'll never forget.

Reviewed by K.

After having seen "Munich" for the second time already (I live in the Baltimore/DC area), let me just say this - if these boneheads in Hollywood don't at the very least nominate Eric for an Oscar, then I just give up. I realize he would be a long shot to win - that creepy Philip Seymor Hoffman seems to have that pretty much clinched. Munich is an incredible movie and Eric's performance is fantastic. He has to communicate such a wide range of emotions and has to do it for practically the entire 2 hours and 40 minutes of the movie. Some of the scenes just about rip your heart out. He has a face that the camera loves - so handsome - you don't have to be distracted by scars or a messed up nose. Maybe that's the problem - he's too good looking and they don't take him seriously. Anyway, I highly recommend "Munich" - it has many twists and turns, and even some lighter moments between the characters. I won't give away too much, but the scene in the beginning of the movie between Eric's character, Avner, and his wife is jaw dropping - been waiting to see him in that kind of scene for a few years now. So go see it - you won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Ampbennett

I saw a preview of Munich the week before it opened in England, I took my husband along because I wanted to prove to him that Eric was a great actor as he wasn't convinced. We we came out of the theatre we said nothing and the first thing he said was "It was a very good film and Eric's performance was worhty of an Oscar nomination he is a good actor". That from someone who I never thought would never in a million years say that.

It was a gripping film from start to finish and we felt his anguish and termoil towards the end as he did. A must see film and not just for Eric fans. From a devoted fan of Eric.

Reviewed by BananaQ

Just want to post my thoughts about Munich. I thought it was so very well acted and portrayed by Eric Bana. He really convinced me that he was a Mossad agent... and at that, he was also human. Hence all the disturbing emotions surrounding him, love and revenge. I can see why Mr. Spielberg made Eric his #1 choice for the role. He deserves at least a nomination for his acting. I thought he acted better than Heath Ledger or George Clooney.

Reviewed by Caroline

I'm writing from France. I've just seen Munich this afternoon, and I think it's a great film. It's also a great performance from Eric Bana. I had seen Troy and Black Hawk Down, but I didn't remember how great this actor was. But in Munich, he's splendid!

My daughter likes Orlando Bloo, but I think that Eric Bana is much more interesting. In Munich, he acts alongside a French actor (the one who makes the bombs), Mathieu Kassowitz, who is a great actor. If you don't know him, just try to find a remarkable film, called "AMEN."

Reviewed by Terry

I saw Munich last week again, and I think Eric should have been nominated for best actor. He never ceases to amaze me. Whatever the role, he steps outside of Eric and becomes Avner, or Hector, or Hoot, I suppose even Chopper (not my favorite Eric movie), and that is what a good actor is supposed to do. I think we are all members of the soon to be best actor - Banatics. He just cant hang in limbo forever, like he has been. He is a star. A beautiful, sexy, gorgeous star to us, and soon as the rest of the world will realize it. He is excellent in this role also. The problem is most all of the moviegoers are not old enough to remember the Munich 1972 summer olympics. Hardly any know who Golda Mier was. I do (i'm old). The only Trogan they know is bought in the drug store, or on the sundries aisle, at the local liquor store. All the members of the cast were pretty convincing. I especially liked the older man with the fedora and glasses. I can't wait until Munich comes out on video, so I can alternate from day to day Munich and Troy.


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