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E R I C   B A N A   W E B S I T E S

Eric Bana @ Lauren Bergman Management:Eric's profile at his Australian agent's website.
The Eric Bana Home Page:A nice and simple fansite with info, articles, and links.
Eric Bana Archives:A comprehensive fansite with news and multimedia.
Eric Bana Canada:Fansite with info, photos, and more.
Eric Bana Online:Fansite with info, articles, galleries, and more.
The Eric Bana Online Shrine:Part of the network.
The Eric Bana Russian Fansite:A nice Russian fansite with info and photos.

E R I C   B A N A   C O M M U N I T I E S

Banalicious Message Board:A new EZBoard discussion board.
Banatics Forum:The Eric Bana Central Forum.
EBC Forum Resource Center:Christy's resource center for the Banatics Forum!
ERIC-BANA-RAMA:Yahoo! Group with emails, photos, links, articles, etc.
Eric Daily:This large LiveJournal community is chock full of photos.
Mona's Eric Bana Fan Journal:Photos, news, and other fun tidbits.

C O - S T A R   L I N K S

Orlando Bloom Central:Orlando Bloom, co-star in "Black Hawk Down" and "Troy."
Mad of Saffron (French):Saffron Burrows, co-star in "Troy."
Shaun Micallef's Online World Around Him:Shaun Micallef, co-star in "Full Frontal."

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