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"Troy" co-star Orlando Bloom: "I look up to him. He's a real man. Like Hector is to Paris, Eric's been a real rock to me."Orlando Bloom
"Troy" co-star Rose Byrne: "People just adore him; they always mention 'Chopper.' You know, Brad Pitt is a massive fan of that film. People have an enormous amount of respect for Eric."Rose Byrne
"The Hulk" co-star Josh Lucas: "Eric's under a massive amount of pressure but he's very specific in terms of the way he takes care of himself. Physically, he's like an athlete and he has to be to play that character."Josh Lucas
"The Hulk" director Ang Lee: "I had to drill him... and inspire him. But when we got something good, it's really good."Ang Lee
"The Hulk" producer Gale Anne Hurd: "Eric has incredible intensity, and in 'Chopper' he played, basically, a murderer - and you still liked him. And that was incredibly important for the actor bringing Bruce Banner to life."Gale Anne Hurd
"The Nugget" director Bill Bennett: "I have never seen an actor go from here to there so fast. It is extraordinary but Eric is keeping his feet on the ground."Bill Bennett
"The Nugget" co-star Dave O'Neil: "It's hard to feel jealous or anything like that because he works so hard and he's such a nice bloke."Dave O'Neil
"The Castle" director Rob Sitch: "There's not much that they can throw his way that he can't handle. Hollywood is the sort of town where you have to have the straight white teeth. And from what girls tell me, he's a pretty good-looking guy so he's got that up his sleeve as well."Rob Sitch

On what is nice in life: "I love being at home, being with friends and family. I'm of European stock, brought up in Australia. I'm a passionate guy. I just love life."

On being a motor-head: "It's a part of who I am and I get stupid amounts of enjoyment from it."

On stand-up comedy in his early career: "It was a fulfilling feeling to make strangers laugh and I've been hooked ever since!"

On describing himself: "I can be introverted and silent, or I can let off steam in the more traditional means."

On luck: "I think I've been fortunate, and right now I'm in an incredibly fortunate position, which I'm totally aware of. I think luck gets you on to the stage. But it has nothing to do with keeping you there."

On acting as a career: "I never for a second envisioned that I would end up here but I most definitely felt as a child that this is what I wanted to do. Ever since I was just past being a baby, I did mimicry, characters and impressions and had no idea that was useable in a professional sense until I got much older."

On his stand-up comedy: "I don't have in me a desire to be a joker and I've never been one to want to make a room full of people laugh unless they are friends and I like doing impressions and stuff. But to me, it was a medium. My stand-up comedy was never really jokey, but more anecdotal and storytelling which is probably why sketch-comedy to me was a much better fit and where I really kind of found my feet."

On being caught by a cop at a gas station, in only underwear, taking a shower under a water pipe, at age 21: "It's alright mate, I'm Australian."

On accepting the role in "The Hulk": "Ang Lee? I'd like to be part of that."

On filming "The Hulk": "The Hulk is definitely what I would categorize as un-fun. I don't think it always needs to be fun. It doesn't always need to be one big happy family. Everyone got along, but it was a difficult, hard shoot. And I think you see every ounce of sweat on the screen."

On his character in "The Hulk": "Essentially, there's probably no more uncomfortable thing to perform because you can't fake it. I don't know how to fake a character. I know how to be a character. That's why this role was particularly stressful and demanding: He's always under stress."

On the luxurious hair of the "Troy" cast: "That's why the film took so long to shoot. Three weeks in the makeup chair, for like, one day of shoot."

On undergoing intense training for "Troy": "You couldn't have bluffed your way through. It takes a lot of bloody arrogance even with six months' preparation."

On being directed by Wolfgang Peterson in "Troy": "I'm sitting on the horse with Orlando, and I just want to laugh now, because I can't be serious when [he's] saying this stuff to me."

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